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Experience Erie Dog Co Dog Training!

Updated: Jun 3, 2020's time for you to meet Jaime Bessko, the head trainer and owner of ERIE DOG CO! Jaime is dedicated to making training fun for dogs, all while socializing them to be confident, obedient, and polite. She focuses on creating a solid foundation of communication and trust between the dog and the owner. She truly likes to create a "thinking dog" with a solid base of preferred default behaviors. Most importantly, she always considers the emotional state of the dog and her goal is to create a calm, trustworthy, balanced dog.

"My favorite part about training dogs is the fulfillment and gratitude of knowing that I’m helping someone live a better quality of life. Dogs love to have a job and I love to channel their energy in appropriate ways." - Jaime

Follow Erie Dog Co on Facebook and IG! You can see for yourself how dedicated Jaime is to her training! Plus, her videos are fun and extremely impressive!

Facebook:ERIE DOG CO

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