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Erie is known for its
majestic mountain views and genuine small-town feel.


Prior to the 1870s, few communities existed along the front range. Those bound for Boulder detrained at the Erie Railroad Terminal and boarded a stagecoach for their final destination. The original plat for Erie was filed in 1871 following establishment of the Briggs Mine, the first commercial coal mine in Weld County. Until that time surface coal had been delivered to its customers by horse and wagon. From 1866 until 1979 Erie was one of the largest coal-producing towns in the nation.


Erie, Colorado is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States making real estate here very desirable. The people of Erie promote community by participating in many town events, such as The Farmers Market, The Town Fair, and all The Summer Concerts. There is a large network of recreational trails located throughout the town. The restaurants, breweries, and shops downtown are local establishments that are unique. No matter your stage of life, there is something to do and see. It is a growing community with a small-town feel. All of these amenities make Erie an amazing place to call home. 


Erie is located in Weld County in North Central Colorado. Erie is located about 25 miles north of Downtown Denver between Interstate 25 and US 287 and north of Baseline Road. The city is situated to the northeast of Lafayette. There are many stunning vistas to see with the Great Plains stretching out to the east and the Rockies rising to the west.

Check out Erie, Colorado:

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