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Superior, CO neighborhood

​Superior is known as the gateway to Boulder Valley.


Superior's history is one of coal mining. The first mines in the area were developed in the late 1800's. Coal was discovered on the Hake family farm in 1894, and recollections of members of pioneer families in Superior, including the Hakes and Autrey’s. Superior itself was founded in 1896 and incorporated in 1904. The Town reportedly was named after the "superior" quality of coal found in the area. Mining was the major force in Superior's history until the Industrial Mine closed in 1945.


Superior has immense outdoor opportunities surrounding the town. Many businesses in Superior are linked to biking, hiking, mountaineering, camping, fishing, hunting, youth, and adult athletics. There are a variety of nice restaurants, pubs, and saloons, but there are an equal number of churches and church affiliated facilities in Superior. Superior encourages motorless transportation and has miles of trails in addition to wide-width sidewalks in downtown and many of the surrounding neighborhoods. The police are part of the motorless culture as well, as a respectable portion of the force riding mountain bikes more than seven months out of the year.


Superior is located just 19 Northwest of Denver up Highway 36. Located east of the Rocky Mountain Foothills, Superior is just above a mile high at 5,495 feet. Superior is located just about 8 miles from Boulder, and has a population of 13,155 (2016). Access to Denver from Highway 36.

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