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Erie's Mom Prom

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Erie’s “Mom Prom” is an annual community fundraising event that brings us together and gives back at the same time!

The idea for an event like this came about when co-planners, Jenna Bullard and Megan Humbrecht, gathered some friends to go bowling in their wedding dresses back in 2018. Because of their involvement with the PTCO at Erie Elementary they wanted to better fulfill the “C” portion of PTCO which stands for community. This birthed the idea of a Mom Prom and with the support of Brie Fowler and Kim Clancy to sponsor, and a great team, the rest is history.

The very first Mom Prom was 80s/90s themed, and was attended by 88 Erie women. The event exceeded all expectations and raised over $3,300! 100% of the proceeds were divided between three non-profit organizations that greatly benefit our schools and community: Optimist Club of Erie, Erie Uplink, and the Erie Community Food Bank.

The 1920s-themed Mom Prom in 2022 was a roaring good time. Tickets sold out in 12 hours, and 125 women came together in their sequins and fringe to raise over $5500 for beloved Erie Elementary School teacher, Ami Larson.

Jenna and Megan have since established a nonprofit called ‘Erie Gives Back’ which looks to host and promote fundraising events right here in Erie. The goal is the same as in was in 2019: To bring the community together and give back to it at the same time. Erie Gives Back is looking to add a second event, Mom HoCo in the fall, a 5K in the Spring, and is eagerly looking forward to Mom Prom 2023!

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