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Erie's Summer Concert Series Downtown

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Did you attend the downtown concert series this summer? Dan Rodriguez performed and brought a great feeling of togetherness to the crowd. It was a perfectly social distanced, outside, block party event where locals could grab carry out and a chair and enjoy the music and great food on a perfect summer night! It was also offered via live stream for those who chose to stay and enjoy from their homes and listen to great music. All the downtown restaurants and eateries were open to accommodate the hungry and thirsty crowds! Dan's song, "Together Again", featured in this video, is a heartwarming, relevant song. The lyrics talk about when we get together again and how we are all missing human connection and being able to resume our normal lives, Pre-Covid. We 're thankful that Dan allowed us to use it in the background for this video. This concert series made the community feel a little bit of normalcy this Summer! Check out the event below:

Here is a song he recently wrote.


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