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Experience Beyond Nature

Hey Erie! Meet Beyond Nature with Kayla Eggemeyer! Kayla started her own business last July using upcycled materials to create pieces of art such as bird baths, bird feeders and outdoor décor. Kayla finds different items from places like thrift stores and gives them new life, turning them into a higher value, an artistic expression. It all began when Kayla wanted to buy a new bird bath, and considering her craftiness, she decided to make one of her own from items she found! Her friends and family all admired her work and gave her the idea to begin a business out of it. She appreciates the community's embracing of her new found skills and support of her business. She loves adding something special like a lucky penny to pieces to make them a little extra special for her customers. Check out some of these beautiful, one of a kind pieces.. and don't forget about Beyond Nature when you are going to spruce up your yard this spring!

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