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Experience clean windows with Zenith Window Cleaning!

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Hey Erie, we don't know about you...but we LOVE clean windows!

Zenith Window Cleaning does a fantastic job and we'd like you to learn more about them! The owner, Tom Walsh, is a fantastic man with a huge heart. He truly cares about his customers, his employees and other local business owners!

Here's some details about Tom and Zenith Window Cleaning-

*Tom Walsh has three children, married for 23 years and enjoys all things outdoors!

*Zenith is a locally owned Window Cleaning Company that is trusted and insured. Zenith provides quality work and dependable service for residential and commercial customers from Ft. Collins to Castle Rock.

*Zenith is GREEN! Everything that they use to make your windows shine is environmentally friendly, child safe and won’t bother your furry family members either!

*Zenith utilizes a Waterfed system which uses demineralized water to clean your windows! This is a safe and effective way to reach up to four stories high while on the ground!

*The Zenith crew cares for each other! They support each other like family and invest into one another. In 2019, the Zenith crew contributed over 60 hours of personal time off to team members for life events such as weddings and newborns. Tom intentionally mentors and empowers his crew toward careers or life dreams that they want to pursue! This is the culture of Zenith-caring, aware of our communities, generous and reliable- and these are the kind of people being sent to your home or business to clean your windows!

*Zenith prioritizes building relationships with their customers to best serve them and help them succeed! A majority of their customers have been with them for years, experiencing the quality of Zenith Window Cleaning!

"Whether you are looking to have your home or business cleaned, we look forward to helping you look THROUGH your windows and not at them!" - Tom Walsh

Call 720-600-2013 for a free estimate!

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