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Experience Erie with Erie Coffee Roasters

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Have you ever been to Erie Coffee Roasters in the Erie Airpark?

They bring in specialty grade, high quality coffee beans and use a traditional drum roaster with sophisticated software to make their light, medium, and dark roasted coffee.

Owners, Lisa Zautkeand Nathan Zautke, said that they work directly with the farmers and importers to ensure that they have the best coffee beans around. They also work with local non-profits and local businesses to create private labels for different fundraising events, and they give some of the proceeds back to raise money for many different non-profits.

Lisa and Nate have been Erie residents for 13 years, and they love being involved in the community! They are Scientists with a passion for coffee and all good things!

Whether you are looking to buy retail or wholesale, Erie Coffee Roasters would love to be your source for high quality, specialty coffee. Give them a call, swing by their shop, or shoot them an email--they can't wait to meet you and share their passion for coffee and tea.

Bonus--if you sign up for their coffee subscription and you live in Erie, Anthem, Lafayette or Vista Ridge...Delivery is FREE!



3000 Airport Drive, Hangar #307, Erie, CO 80516



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