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Experience Erie's Economic Developments

If you like Erie, and you are interested in what's going on...CHECK THIS OUT!

We recently took a bus tour of Erie with theTown of Erie, Colorado - Government, and we learned a lot! We found out that Erie has about 30,000 residents and GROWING! The goal is to bring in more primary employers, retail and commercial to the town in order to maintain the daytime population to support the local businesses in the area. There are many developments breaking ground now, and more to come.

Nine Mile Corner

Town Center

Erie Gateway- I25 Masterplan

Erie Highlands

Vista Commons

Flight Business Park

Park West

615 Briggs


Echo Brewery Expansion

There is great opportunity for businesses in Erie!

The Economic Development Team is Pro-Growth and Pro-Development in a SUSTAINABLE and RESPONSIBLE Way!

If you want to bring your business to Erie, Talk to Lucas Workman or Ben Pratt at the Town of Erie.

Ben Pratt

Town of Erie- Ecomomic Development Director


Lucas Workman

Town of Erie- Economic Development Specialist



-📸town photo courtesy of-David Besnette

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