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Experience Erie with KaPop

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Hey Erie! Have you been on the pursuit for a better, healthier snack?! KaPop is a healthy snack company founded by Christina Zwicky Finkel and Dustin Finkel, right here in Erie. They were featured on Shark Tank back in January and their business is flourishing!

The BIG NEWS is that Ka-Pop is now available in King Soopers for a 3 week test. Let's support local and head over to Erie King Soopers to purchase their product so it will remain on the shelves!

Ka-Pop has truly brought FUN back to healthy snacking! Healthy doesn't have to be so serious and boring...these snacks have nutritious ingredients, but they are great tasting and far from boring!! So, if you haven't tried these snacks yet, please do. You will be pleasantly surprised at how good they are 😀

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