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Experience Erie with Wild Sun

Today on Experience Erie, let's check out Wild Sun Behavioral Services, LLC, a behavior therapy practice in downtown Erie. They offer both clinic-based services as well as in-home therapy. Wild Sun specializes in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and early intervention therapy for children of all ages and into adulthood. They primarily work with those on the autism spectrum and those who have developmental delays. They use a scientific approach (ABA) to reduce problem behaviors and increase functional, socially significant skills. The children they work with learn empathy, communication, social skills, functional skills, and school readiness skills in this community-based setting, where they can work on their individual goals in a socially and emotionally supportive environment. This is a really neat clinic that helps families and children improve their overall quality of life. Check it out!

Wild Sun Behavioral Services

685 Briggs St, Erie, CO 80516

(720) 849-2668


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