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Experience imhereyoga!

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Hey Erie...who's in need of some online yoga classes?? Teri BengewithImhereyogahas created a safe environment for the practice of being present with yoga. For now, these classes are online and ready for you to experience.

"We are here to support you during this time of change." -Teri Benge

To learn more about Imhereyoga and the yoga classes provided, go to their website:

To Sign Up For Classes:

Please visit MINDBODY at-…

Imhereyoga's Vision statement:

Through the practice of being present, a deeper connection to an inner hearing will develop. This returning inner hearing will lead to the knowledge and an intuition for living earnestly and generously in our lives, with our loved ones, and in the world. Living this moment to the fullest.

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