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Tabitha Benedict Arts

Today we are checking in with Tabitha Benedict Arts, located in Erie. Tabitha Benedict has been an accomplished artist since she was a child. Her art is unique because she paints with venetian plaster and specializes in breathtaking wildlife paintings. Tell Tabitha your vision and she can create you a one of a kind masterpiece! Each of her pieces breathe & radiate life. She pushes the boundaries with different types of plaster and even the most minimal piece embodies a message from the heart. If you are looking for a timeless piece of art, please contact Tabitha.

Stop by Tabitha's upcoming Gallery Show!

“Becoming Bewitched”

Unleash Your Animal Power

D’art Gallery

900 Sante Fe Dr., Denver CO

January 12- February 6th 2022

Hours: Thursday Noon - 5, Friday Noon - 9, Saturday Noon - 5, Sunday 1 - 4.


Erie, Colorado 80516



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