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Experience Erie with Nisha Fine Art

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Meet Nisha Ghela of Erie! Nisha, the owner of Nisha Fine Art, is an abstract artist who creates beautiful, positive paintings right here in her home studio in Erie. Nisha has been an artist for quite a long time and a few years ago, after having her daughter, decided to pursue art full time to be able to manage her own hours and be with her daughter. Nisha moved to Erie two and a half years ago and enjoys the close-knit town and community. She knew after five minutes of talking with her soon-to-be neighbors that her family would be comfortable and happy here in Erie.

Nisha puts cheerful and joyful energy into all of her art and that is reflected in her beautiful pieces. From Aspens, splatter paint, animals, and more, Nisha's bright and energized paintings bring happiness to all who view them. Check out her unique pieces in this video and see for yourself!


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